Welcome to the Premier Knowledge-Based Resident Curriculum

  • The all-new Resident Orthopaedic Core Knowledge (ROCK) program is the only all-in-one resident curriculum available today.
  • All US-based ACGME-accredited programs with a new or existing ResStudy subscription will receive full ROCK access for free through June 30, 2024. That represents a savings of $386 per resident.
  • This evolving product will have features and functionality added on a continual basis.
  • ROCK is available as a stand-alone subscription for US-based programs without a ResStudy subscription or international residency programs. At this time, we do not offer individual subscriptions to ROCK. To get started, contact us at rock@aaos.org.


Ready to ROCK?

Watch these step-by step video instructions for interacting with the content and features of ROCK!

For All ROCK Users:
   Finding and Signing-in to ROCK
   Translating ROCK  
   Finding Study Material  
   Assessing via Pretests & Posttests  
   Forming ROCK & Contributing Content   
   Sending Feedback   

For Subscribed Residents:
   Using the Study Schedule  
   Evaluating | Resident Activity Report

For Program Directors & Program Coordinators:
   Using the Study Schedule   
   Customizing the Study Schedule | Cloning  
   Customizing the Study Schedule | Modifying  
   Customizing the Study Schedule | Resequencing  
   Customizing the Study Schedule | Block Scheduling  
   Assigning the Study Schedule   
   Creating Additional Assignments
   Evaluating | Program Activity Report  
   Evaluating | Resident Activity Report

*Remember, AAOS offers ROCK for studying, ResStudy for quizzing, and the OITE for an annual benchmark of preparation.*